About Us


45 Years of successful trading

    I’m delighted to introduce our company that has been many years in the making.  We have operated as Far East for 7 years and are  able to create and expand on some 45 years of growth and experience, creating a unique company with a vision of what international marketing and resource management should really be, while providing state of the art quality products from around the world.  Our company is first and foremost, a single contact source for a multitude of North American and European product groups and mills, many of which have been tested over years of trading.  Hardwood lumber, Logs and veneer are all part of the marketing group. Our goals remain steadfast and simple. Grow our company with those who share similar visions of good stewardship and use of resources, creating an honest approach to trading, with the utmost in integrity and creative flow of ideas, that will create a team of businesses worldwide. We don’t deal with everyone by intent. Your business is our business. Your growth is our growth. Welcome to the world of Far East Trading . Our ever growing networked representation and promotion provides an expanded list of options always creating new opportunity.  If you listened to us a few of years back, when we were getting started, there is a good chance we are doing business together now. We don’t forget those who are open to change, new ideas and marketing creativity.  We operate with our own version of Cloud Business Analytics,  to allow us to operate as though we were many, with state of the art business technology, networking overseas with partners, to generate sales, evaluate performance and help us evaluate our business direction with lightening speed and make on the fly decisions from any location, long before others even figure out the question. We also support the growing development of “sensor” technology to streamline computer tools, business development, interests and client interaction.  It allows us to work as a much larger company by being more efficient,  highly automated and able to multitask to the extreme, as part of normal business practice.   Long term, our partners will enjoy the results of that advantage, as well as our work ethic. We simply create more with less and will do it day or night. We make decisions on the fly, creating instant results that large trading companies simply cannot ever do. We encourage you to join us in world development and creativity. It’s no longer “business as usual” if you want to be part of the future.  


Truly Unique

“Creating a worthwhile “business machine”  is creating one that didn’t exist before you showed up with the right parts to create it".   Thinking outside the box and making zero errors is now the expected norm.  Our methods are quite simple, if it doesn't make sense and fit our programs, we simply don't do it. Concentrate on business you create, not on business everyone else is competing for. 


Sales and Marketing

We sell our hardwood lumber products and logs mostly on contract, to a developed select client base, without the need to compete in the weekly back to back commodity markets. Be it North American or European, our methods have developed slowly but now are now self sustaining.  Our contracts reflect our hardwood business marketing philosophy and representation and never compete with large producers or agents overseas. We quietly trade at a fair price every day. While our lumber is mostly contracted for, we will continue to develop new niches‘ with mills and clients, on a highly selective basis, and remain open to new ideas and opportunities, most of which will likely be in the machinery and kiln business or totally new ventures.