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Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Cedar, SYP And SPF Timbers, Green or Kiln Dried

Rough Sizes  to 48” x 48” x 52’

Surfaced Sizes to 24” x 28” x 52’

Posts and Timbers

Small Squares

Timber Framing Members

Bridge Timbers

Railroad Ties


Export Clears

Up to 100% FOHC

+European Timber Boules



While we have traded softwoods for many years in North America, our involvement is currently tied to volume shipments to Asia and India for construction. Large North American producers have on the ground inventories in Asia, so we specialize in specified length volume SPF and SYP lumber, direct to distributors.

Musical Instrument


Our company now supplies a myriad of species and parts for speaker systems and tone wood for musical instruments including pianos, acoustic and electric guitars, amplifier cases, violins, violas, cello, string bass, drums and various other percussion instruments. Sitka Spruce guitar Tops (custom order only), Maple Necks and head stock blanks, Highly figured Maple veneer faces (on accumulation and sorted for appearance), front and back matched veneer sets, fingerboards, Custom machined hardwood bridges, solid body electric guitar blanks, custom “highly visual” figured veneer faces in most species, especially maple. 

Engineered wood / CLT


As we expand our world niche’, we  are working with new manufactures and old, U.S. and Europe, promoting use of CLT and glu-lam technology in multistory all wood buildings, including schools, apartments, gyms, churches, industrial buildings, office buildings and will also use the technology in our new lifting platforms for Olympic gyms.  Contact us for the latest information and to discuss your application. We’ll be gad to send you some literature and discuss the future. 

Suppliers include Structurlam, Smartlam, Riddle Laminators, Vaagen, Katerra,

Nordic, Minda,KLH, Skonto, Decker, Binderholz, Stora Enso and many other European options.


North American Hardwood Lumber


Whether you want one container or a few hundred, we have the supply.  Select logs for furniture manufacturing, hardwood flooring, casket, low grade for pallet and container manufacturing.

Kiln dried hardwood standard lumber shipments are 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4 ,10/4,12/4,16/4 Rough FAS, FAS1F, Sel.Btr., #1 Com, #2 Com, #3 Com.

(Many other options, custom sizes and proprietary grade combinations are also available.) 

20' and 40’ container shipments.

Species  Group (Lumber and Logs)

 - White Ash / Brown Ash
 - Beech -
 - Butternut
 - Hickory
 - Maple - Soft
 Maple - Hard
 Yellow Poplar -  Red Oak - Northern, Appalachian, Southern
 Red Oak - Rift Cut (Special Order)
 Red Oak - Quarter Sawn (Special Order)
 - Southern Yellow Pine (softwood)
 -Black Walnut -
 White Pine - Northeastern
 White oak -
 White oak - Quarter Sawn (Special Order)
- Red Gum

European Hardwood Lumber


We very are pleased to have found a new area of European logs from France and Belgium in black poplar, pine, spruce, oak and beech. This new area is abundant in quality black poplar.  We are emphasizing poplar, the largest group, to plywood manufacturers in Asia and elsewhere. Grade is 

ABC, 3-11 m lengths, 30cm avg. diameter, up to 50cm over bark, mid diameter Huber formula loading volumes.  Below are some initial pictures to see the quality. Due to loading, we prefer a minimum of 20 containers and will also look at possible volume production contracts with plywood mills after the initial trial block. We are happy to now have this new product line to compliment our regular log supply niche’ from Europe in logs and lumber. Spruce, red oak and beech are primary items in lumber. We are happy to quote  CIF your port.