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We are happy to include the refgas system to our expanding base. It quite simply is a modular system that uses downdraft gasification technology that produces the cleanest and most efficient method of converting biomass and other feedstocks into valuable synthesis gas (syngas), capable of fueling standard engines to generate heating, cooling and electric power.  The Refgas module has been designed to accept a wide range of feedstock to generate green power and CHP. Recycled wood is an ideal, low cost fuel, requiring minimal preparation and available countrywide and worldwide. Forestry residues are often available in remote locations, where local power may be required and expensive to produce. A wide variety of agri-residues and energy crops can also be used, including nut or rice husks, palm kernel shells, coconut husks, bagasse, peat, miscanthus, napier grass and many others. A commonly made biofuel, wood pellets, are an ideal fuel supply. Our direction, together with refgas / Tigre Energy,  is to supply refgas units to areas where power is limited and impeding community growth in remote areas, island communities .  Not only can we install the refgas power plant, we can also supply a complete sawmill or veneer plant, dry kiln and supply additional pellet fuel under contract, all while selling 100% of the sawmill lumber or veneer production.  In the meantime, the refgas plant not only supplies power to the sawmill and kiln, it creates a revenue stream by supplying enough electric power to run 1500+ homes all year. The RG1000 unit produces up to 1MWe and over 1.2MWth.  The RG500 unit  produces up to 500kWe and over 0.6MWth.  For larger applications Refgas supplies multiple RG1000 modules for projects up to 12MWe. The modular approach provides huge flexibility for variable feedstocks, maximum availability through planned maintenance and also allows for modules to be added or taken off line if demand increases or decrease. All models are built and shipped based on the container size to facilitate ease of shipment and ease of installation. Our installation will create a custom program and look and is flexible to match your local needs. We also will offer a matching covered option, depending on the weather in the area, to utilize and maintain the equipment.  When were done, you’ll have a self sustaining manufacturing facility as well as providing and selling power to your local community. 

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